GRAX 3.97 Release Notes


GRAX LWC Data Viewer Options

New toggles were added:

  • Hide Show Record
  • Hide Show in GRAX
  • Hide Restore Button
  • Use iFrame (Faster Loading)

GRAX LWC Data Viewer Child Level

The LWC Data Viewer was updated to allow for control over the levels of related records that are shown in the related list. This new control is shown above, named "Child Level."

New Warning for Trusted URLs

The LWC Data Viewer now has an option to use iFrame for faster loading and improved appearance. To use this new iFrame feature, it requires adding a Trusted URLs for GRAX in the Salesforce org. If you do not add the trusted site, the new iFrame toggle in the LWC settings does not allow embedding the iFrame. To be sure users are aware of this, there is a new Warning to add the Trusted URLs if one does not exist for GRAX application.


Auto Backup

Enable Auto Backup is set to True for all new installations. The warning for new scheduled jobs when Enable Auto Backup is True has been removed.

Help Link

The help link has been updated to navigate directly to the Support page on the GRAX documentation site.