grax-salesforce-embedded End of Life

What's being done?

GRAX is ending support for "GRAX Embedded" and the code repository at https://github.com/graxinc/grax-salesforce-embedded.

This feature empowers customers internal Salesforce development team to build custom components that reuse GRAX data in Salesforce in ways that the official GRAX components can not support. It accomplished this by providing a GitHub repository of code that customers can "fork," change and deploy into their own Salesforce environment using "Salesforce Developer Experience" (sfdx) tools.

GRAX Embedded is a "first generation" version of reference code and deployment docs provided by GRAX. It is being retired and replaced by "second generation" solutions that offer major benefits in customization, security, and long term support by GRAX and Salesforce:

Additionally all customers currently using "GRAX Embedded" can continue to use and deploy their fork of the GRAX-provided repository with no changes required.

Finally GRAX is continuing its support for first-party and fully supported ways to bring data into SFDC:

  • GRAX Public API
  • GRAX Managed Package Components
    • IFRAME components delivered via auto-update
    • LWC components delivered via managed package updates
  • Using the GRAX Application in Salesforce Web Tabs

If you need support with a maintaining or changing your custom build, please talk to GRAX Sales to discuss options.

Why is GRAX ending this feature?

GRAX provides many "first party" components to bring GRAX data back into Salesforce like the Search, Related Records, Restore and Email Viewer components. If these components are not currently meeting your needs, we encourage you to get in touch and let us know what you're doing. Our components are constantly improving based on your feedback and feature requests.

But it is inevitable that some use cases can only be satisfied by building new customer-specific components.

In August 2022, GRAX open-sourced some of our package and component code to help customers build their own components. Since then we have found that the grax-salesforce-embedded project mandates development, deployment, and coding practices that don't match many customers internal Salesforce development processes.

Going forward, this customization is best accomplished by GRAX providing a Public API and other modern resources that makes it easy for your own Salesforce development team to access GRAX data in any tools you build however you build them.

How does this impact me?

If you are in the vast majority of customers enjoying the GRAX App or GRAX Managed Package directly to bring GRAX data into Salesforce, this does not affect you.

For customers that are using grax-salesforce-embedded, no action is necessary as you will always be able to continue using your checkout or fork of grax-salesforce-embedded and your deployment of it. The change is that GRAX will archive the GitHub repository and will no longer offer support for any development questions.

We recommend that you "fork" grax-salesforce-embedded to a repository that you maintain, then review any components you have in use and port them over to your standard internal Salesforce development projects and processes.

This is best accomplished by looking at the GRAX Public API and using that directly to bring data into your Lightning Web Components. You may also accomplish this by copying components from the grax-salesforce-embedded repository into your other Salesforce projects.


End Of Life for grax-salesforce-embedded is June 30, 2024.

How do I get more information?

If you have questions or need more information, please open a support ticket.