Platform Overview

What is the GRAX Platform?

The GRAX Platform enables users to:

  • Set up, deploy, and monitor GRAX across multiple clouds.
  • View all of their GRAX Applications in a singular pane.

What type of deployments are available?

GRAX offers Standard, GRAX Cloud, and Nonstandard Deployments. Please refer to the following table to compare available options to find the best deployment solution for your business needs.

Standard DeploymentNonstandard DeploymentGRAX Cloud Deployment
Environment Hosting and ManagementCustomer-hostedCustomer-hostedGRAX-hosted
GRAX Application ManagementGRAX-managedCustomer-managedGRAX-managed
GRAX Application UpdatesGRAX-managed via Auto UpdatesGRAX-managed via Auto UpdatesGRAX-managed via Auto Updates
Data OwnershipCustomer-ownedCustomer-ownedCustomer-owned
Supported EnvironmentsAWS or AzureAWS, Azure, GCP, on-prem, Kubernetes, and othersAWS or Azure
Security UpdatesAutomated by GRAXManual by CustomerAutomated by GRAX
Deployment VehiclesDeploy via Marketplace or GRAX Platform using certified templatesDeploy via GRAX Binary using reference templatesDeploy via GRAX Platform
Data StorageUnlimitedUnlimited5TB [1]
Estimated Deployment Time~10 minutes~60 days~10 minutes
Required ResourcesSalesforce organization with System Administrator access, Dedicated AWS or Azure Account with AWS Cross Account Role or Static Azure CredentialsSalesforce organization with System Administrator access and a Cloud Team, Architecture and Security ReviewSalesforce organization with System Administrator access
Applicable PlansGRAX Lite, GRAX Pro, or GRAX EnterpriseGRAX Enterprise with Nonstandard DeploymentGRAX Cloud Plan with GRAX Cloud Infrastructure + 5TB Data Storage
Standard GRAX Application Support

Trial Deployments

To start protecting your Salesforce data in 10 minutes, simply sign up for the GRAX Platform and follow the free trial deployment wizard. The free trial runs on a GRAX Cloud environment, so you do not need to bring your own cloud environment. After deploying your free trial cloud environment, you can connect it to your Salesforce Org to start backing up data securely.

Standard Deployments

With this deployment method, you completely control when and where GRAX is deployed. By bringing and using your own cloud environment, GRAX empowers your organization to own 100% of its SaaS application data while maintaining its full Digital Chain of Custody. After that, GRAX manages ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the GRAX Application while you retain 100% ownership of your data and environment. The GRAX Platform provides easy-to-use controls to set up, deploy, and manage your GRAX Application in your own cloud environment. Once deployed, you can simply back up all your Salesforce production and sandbox environments in minutes.

GRAX Cloud Deployments

For organizations that aren’t comfortable setting up or maintaining their own cloud environment, GRAX offers a hosted option. With this deployment method, GRAX hosts the cloud environment and manages the GRAX Application for the user. Even though GRAX manages the cloud environment and GRAX Application, customers always own their data - we never hold your data hostage.

Nonstandard Deployments

Nonstandard Deployments are for customers with strict regulatory and compliance needs who also have established and skilled public-cloud teams. By designing and provisioning your own GRAX infrastructure, meet every compliance, security, and procedural hurdle that comes your way.

Requirements like a custom VPC, hardened image or system security agents fall under Nonstandard Deployments. GRAX will run in these environments, but due to the nature of infrastructure configuration, customization and access that you control, we can only support the GRAX application and not the infrastructure.

What’s Included and Not Included in Nonstandard Deployments?

Nonstandard Deployments of GRAX are uncommon but are available as an add-on if needed. Organizations who choose to use nonstandard deployments are 100% responsible for template customizations using the GRAX Binary and reference templates, as well as ongoing self-management of the environment and GRAX Application.

The Nonstandard Deployment add-on is required if you need custom AMI or if you need to run custom software on your compute.

Nonstandard Deployments include:

  • 60 days of email deployment assistance with:
    • GRAX Application, logs, and telemetry set up
    • GRAX Binary troubleshooting using GRAX Logs
    • High-level architecture guidance in relation to reference architecture and minimum requirements
  • Choose and manage your own customer-owned infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, on-prem, anywhere you’d like to run GRAX)
  • Customer-managed GRAX Application
  • External or GRAX access to infrastructure not required
  • Ability to self-customize VPC, AMI, OS, system agents, and/or firewall
  • Deployment registration with the GRAX Platform

Nonstandard Deployments do NOT include:

  • Construction, management, and ongoing operating costs of all infrastructure
  • Assistance with network failures, domain registration lapses, storage capacity issues, component failures, and improper configuration of the compute resources, which prevent software operation
  • Any deviations from the 60-day implementation period

We recommend that you work with your internal cloud infrastructure team, cloud vendor support or TAM, or with GRAX System Integrator and/or Enterprise Support partners if you require assistance with any customizations that are not included.

During the 60-day implementation period, GRAX will provide assistance with the GRAX Binary; however, GRAX must be able to reproduce errors in order to resolve them. Nonstandard Deployments are uncommon and will require assistance from you and your organization to reproduce errors, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as requested and appropriate. On a case-by-case basis and with your approval, you may be asked to provide remote access to the GRAX Application environment.

Learn more

Once you’ve used the GRAX Platform to deploy the GRAX Application for Salesforce data protection, you’re ready to improve business processes and do more with your CRM data using the other GRAX products:

  • Backup and Restore - automated backup of data, metadata, and files with granular and mass recovery options
  • Sandbox Seeding - easily propagate data into a sandbox or production environment for realistic testing
  • Data Archive & Lifecycle Management - improve data governance and formalize your data management strategy by setting up data retention policies and archiving data when needed
  • History Stream - make informed data-driven business decisions by piping and reusing Salesforce data for data models, data warehouses, machine learning, business intelligence, or other data science applications

[1] 5TB is included in the initial data plan add-on, where additional storage is available for purchase if necessary.