Archive Query Criteria Parsing - September 2023

On Sept 26, 2023, GRAX identified a problem in archive SOQL query parsing logic that modified the query before sending it to Salesforce and dropped some query conditions. This resulted in over archives of records for a small number of customers. These archived records are available in GRAX backups and can be restored if needed.

The issue is specific to Event or Task records. The root cause is that the logic dropped parts of some queries with lowercase spelling of AND and/or conditions on duplicate fields like Foo = 1 OR Foo = 2.

GRAX has deployed a resolution to this issue that fixes the parsing error and changes the endpoint from the Salesforce QueryAll More Results API to the Query API.

As a safety precaution, environments with queries affected by the parsing issue must take action to re-create Archive jobs and review the pre-processing record results before running the archive.

Furthermore GRAX has identified a small number of environments that over archived data and has proactively reached out with additional details about records, IDs and steps to restore if needed.