Duplicate Records Created on Restore - Nov 2023

On Aug 18, 2023, GRAX identified some situations in which a restore may have created duplicate records. This resulted in extra records restored for a small number of customers, who have been notified. These duplicate records are available in Salesforce and can be deleted or archived if needed.

The issue occurred when a restore executed more than once, which happens in somewhat rare cases, like when the backend process restarts or runs into an internal error (for example, an intermittent issue connecting to the database). Once the process restarted, in some cases it failed to resume from where it stopped, which may have resulted in duplicate records being created.

GRAX deployed an initial fix on Aug 22, and additional protections put in place Sep 14.

We know data integrity is crucial to our customers, which is why we've expanded on the initial solution to make sure we have every protection in place to make sure this issue does not happen again, even in face of rare unrecoverable failure scenarios.

Furthermore GRAX has run an extensive search and identified a small number of environments with duplicate restore data and has proactively reached out with additional details about records, IDs and steps to delete or archive if needed.