GRAX 3.91 Release Notes


GRAX Data Viewer

The GRAX Data Viewer is the best way to view GRAX data right inside Salesforce as related list components, whether it is backed up, archived, deleted, or a combination. End users can also be given permission to navigate, explore, and restore from the related hierarchy using GRAX directly.

GRAX Execution and Record View

The new Executions tab is a powerful data explorer. Starting from the backup or archive job level, you can drill all the way down to individual records, where the GRAX Record View provides a robust suite of components that captures a 360 view of your record, its relationship hierarchy, and its full history.

GRAX Search

The most efficient way to find data you need, whether it's for exploring information or restoring data, is to leverage Search. Get instant results for any specific Id, or enable objects for advanced search and filtering.

GRAX Settings

Configure GRAX in a few easy steps, and manage credentials, permissions and other key items all from the Settings tab.


New Summary Metrics

We've added some metrics to the Executions feature. You'll now see columns indicating the total number of Identified records for each objects, and within that number how many GRAX backed up that were new, changed, or unchanged.

Archive - Delete by API

All new environments set up with GRAX have archive jobs defaulted to the Delete by API feature. This generally available feature is the only supported way to perform archives in Salesforce, leveraging the performance and flexibility of the bulk API. Click here to learn more about the archive options.

Additional Support for Salesforce Session Setting

Salesforce has a dizzying number of session settings that can be configured. One that we often see enterprise customers using is Lock Sessions to IP From Which They Originate. GRAX now supports the use of this setting, as long as you're leveraging the latest Settings feature.


Archive Estimate Button

Fixed issue where the estimate feature on an archive job would sometimes miscalculate the number of records based on the filter entered. This should ensure more consistent results to estimate how many parent records are picked up.

Email Template Fix

Fixed issue where summary link was not properly linking in certain job alerts.

Delete Tracking

Resolved issue to ensure customers leveraging the latest GRAX storage format are able to properly track deleted information on records across features like Search, History Stream etc.

Archive Advanced Filter

Resolved issue where an archive job with an Advanced filter set could not be switched to another filter type.