GRAX 23.8.1 Release Notes


Added (Application)

Estimated Object Size

The Auto Backup dashboard now has a column with estimated object size. This is an estimate of the size of the object in the backup. This is useful for understanding how much data is being backed up and how much storage is being used.

Downloadable Object Schema

There is now a feature that allows you to download a JSON of the an object schema. This can be accessed by navigating to Auto Backup and selecting an object. Then click the "Schema" link. This will download a JSON file with the object schema.

New Global Search Field Filter Operators

There are new Global Search field filter operators. You can now select from Equals, Doesn't Equal, Contains, and Doesn't Contain. This allows for more flexibility when searching for records.

Global Search Now Supports Empty Field Values

You can also search for empty field values. For example, to look for orphaned cases, add a field filter for AccountId, operator "Equals" and leave the value empty.

Auto Config for Sandbox Seeding Target Orgs

Sandbox Seeding now allows you to use Auto Config on the target org. This will create the GRAX Integration User Permission Set in Sandbox Seeding Target org and assign the Seeding user to the new GRAX Integration User Permission Set.

Archive Delete Info in CSV Download

Archive CSV downloads now have a new column called deleteInfo which gives more context on the deletion. The deleteInfo column will have one of the following values:

  • GRAX (root record) - this record will be deleted because it is on level 0 of the graph
  • GRAX (additional record) - this record will be deleted even though it is below level 0, due to a custom setting like "archive blocking children"
  • Cascade - this record will be cascade deleted by Salesforce if the parent is deleted successfully

Improved (Application)

Restore duplicate record error

Restore will now present an error if a record has been updated in Salesforce to avoid creating duplicate records.