GovCloud Deployment

What's GovCloud?

AWS GovCloud (US) Region is an isolated Amazon Web Services environment used by US government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, along with contractors, researchers, educational institutions, and other US customers.

GRAX and GovCloud

You deploy GRAX into your GovCloud cloud PaaS such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and others. In fact, many agencies and customers deploy and manage their own GRAX deployment in their cloud with the majority of our customers using AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Other customers find that they can install and run a self-managed deployment of GRAX by placing it in a GovCloud-authorized data center and using a GovCloud-authorized Cloud Service Provider.

Key points about running GRAX within GovCloud certified environment

  • GRAX doesn't have access to the data or infrastructure
  • Customer data is 100% owned by the customer within their GovCloud certified infrastructure
  • Customers can use private routing between Salesforce and AWS
  • Customers can use private routing between their infrastructure to GovCloud certified PaaS environment
  • Customers data is 100% owned and stored within their GovCloud PaaS environment

GRAX architecture and deployment model has received the Government Cloud badge from Salesforce

GRAX AppExchangeListing

To learn more about GRAX and how we support public sector agencies, departments, and organizations, please contact us. For more information on AWS's compliance with federal and other standards, see AWS's compliance page.