Backup FAQ

Common questions related to Backup and error messages

When is Legacy Backup being retired?

See the Legacy Backup Retirement page.


Example: salesforce INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

Review your Integration User permissions for View All Data, View All Files and other required permissions. If the error occurs on Campaign or other marketing related objects, try enabling "Marketing User" for the integration user.

See the User Fields reference doc for more information.

What does "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION" mean?

Example: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: sfdc.keystone.catalog.blobforce.KeystoneGetBlobFromStoresException: Failed to get a blob from all stores: orgId=00AbC000000DeM0 keyPrefix=05T entityId=05T2R000016VbmO blobId=0KF2R00002uQzDX extentId=F00D0b000000GaMp0KE2R00001MVoIw1 [...] there are no stores that currently contain the extent= F00D0b000000GaMp0KE2R00001MVoIw1, so we can't read it!)

An error has occurred within the Salesforce backend infrastructure, outside the scope of the GRAX app. Please contract Salesforce support to open a case and report the issue.

The Auto Backup dashboard offers a CSV export of all errors to include with your support case.