Disconnected Orgs FAQ


Decommissioning Salesforce orgs is a very simple process with GRAX. You can simply back up the data and disconnect from Salesforce. There is no need to archive anything.

Why use GRAX to decommission a Salesforce Org?

Your company may have Salesforce orgs that you no longer want to maintain after a consolidation, merger, or business reorganization. GRAX makes it easy to protect this data, search, and reuse it without paying Salesforce to keep the org active. After disconnecting from Salesforce, the backup of your data remains safe with GRAX and accessible through powerful tools including Global Search. Record data can be exported to CSV and History Stream may be used to send a copy of data to your downstream systems such as your data lake or analytics tools.

How do I set up GRAX and decommission a Salesforce Org?

  1. First, you will need a GRAX license. Please contact your account manager or GRAX Sales.

  2. Next, you will need to set up a GRAX deployment and connect a storage bucket as described in the Platform documentation.

  3. Then, you will connect to your Salesforce org using an account that has the Salesforce Administrator role and run GRAX Auto Config. This will assign the GRAX Integration User permission sets for the GRAX App to operate.

  4. Once the App is connected, log in with Salesforce OAuth and enable Auto Backup if it is not yet running. Auto Backup will automatically run as it protects all of your data. Note: There can be a backlog of data to synchronize when you initially connect to a Salesforce Org, and you will notice the backup status noted as "backfilling" as this process is catching up.

  5. Once Auto Backup is complete, you can disconnect your Salesforce org, but first you will need to create a local user account via email and password to log in as GRAX will no longer have access to Salesforce OAuth to provide authentication. This can be done under Settings -> User Management in the GRAX Application. Your password link will be sent via email. Note that GRAX Support will need to enable this feature on your org.

  6. Now you can safely decommission your Salesforce Org.

    Note that any changes to data in the Salesforce org made after disconnecting GRAX will no longer be captured by GRAX Auto Backup.