Install for Docker Desktop

Installation Steps

Setup Docker Desktop

First download, install, and run Docker Desktop.

Get a GRAX Trial Key

Next, sign into the GRAX Platform and get a registration key.

Go to "Backends," then "New," then "GRAX for Docker Desktop," then "Create Key." You can then see a "Registration Key" in your list of backends. This key can only be activated once.

Download and Configure GRAX Docker Compose Files

Download GRAX Docker Compose Files, unzip them, and configure it with your registration key.

export GRAX_REGISTRATION_KEY=<Paste from GRAX Platform>
curl -L -o docker.zip https://s3.amazonaws.com/grax-public-templates/master/docker/docker.zip
unzip docker.zip
cd docker

Start Up GRAX with Docker Compose

docker-compose up -d

After 30 seconds, GRAX is running alongside a database and storage service. You can go to the "Backend URL" from GRAX Platform, e.g:

You can pause GRAX with:

docker-compose stop

And resume again with docker-compose up -d.

Resetting Everything

WARNING: The following deletes all data in the object storage and database and releases the URL you used to access GRAX on your laptop. This can not be undone.

You can destroy all Docker resources with:

docker-compose down
docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q) || true
docker image rm -f docker-grax || true
docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -q) || true

Then, sign into the GRAX Platform, go to "Backends," and "Delete" your previously activated backend and registration key.