Embed GRAX UI in Salesforce

A sample of how to embed the GRAX user interface within Salesforce


GRAX allows users to access GRAX functionality without ever leaving your Salesforce instance. If your Salesforce admin has enabled this feature, your users can access GRAX search, Backup, or other application pages from the GRAX platform allowing users to interact with the same GRAX functionality that they typically would in GRAX but within Salesforce creating a more seamless experience for the end users.

Create an embedded tab

  1. Ensure you have enabled GRAX as a CSP Trusted Site

  2. Login to the GRAX platform

  3. Navigate to page you plan to embed, in this example we are using the GRAX Search Tab, and configure a search criteria you would like the embedded tab to default to when accessed within your Salesforce.com instance.

    Image showing a pre-configured Search page

  4. Copy the URL containing the pre-configured search parameters and add &autologin=true&embedded=true

    Image showing a pre-configured Search URL

  5. Go back to your Salesforce instance and create a custom Web Tab.

    Go to Setup --> Search for Tabs --> Create New Web Tab --> Choose the page layout of the web tab you wish to create --> Define Content and Display Properties.

  6. Enter the URL Details and paste the pre-configured URL from the previous steps into the Salesforce Button or Link URL section. Complete the standard Salesforce Tab assignments and save.

See Salesforce Help and Training for additional information on how to create Salesforce Custom Tabs.

Once the custom Web tab is created and assigned to user apps in Salesforce, the selected GRAX functionality is available.

Image showing GRAX Search in Web Tab