Embedded Record Viewer

A sample Visualforce page that can be edited to display record data in a standard Salesforce look and feel.


The GRAXEmbedDisplayRecord Visualforce (VF) page is provided as a sample of how you can customize a VF page to display record data from the GRAX platform in Salesforce without needing to use the Managed Package or the Lightning Web Component. The basic structure is provided in the example included and can be modified to fit your needs.

Default Layout

The sample code included lists the fields in alphabetic order in a column down the page. This can be changed to achieve the desired user experience. We have heard from customers that prefer to list the most used fields at the top of the page. This is possible now, with this customizable VF page.

Salesforce Classic page showing the fields from the selected record

Edit the VF page

The VF page can be edited by developers as part of the SDLC or by Salesforce admins through the Salesforce setup Visualforce Pages. The sample provided is named GRAXEmbedDisplayRecord.

Image showing the Visualforce page name and shortcuts for the GRAXEmbedDisplayRecord page