Embedded Related List Visualforce Page

A sample Visualforce page that can be edited to display a list of related records from GRAX in a standard Salesforce look and feel.


The GRAX Embedded Related List Visualforce page is provided as a sample of how to add a related list of records from the GRAX platform into Salesforce without needing to use the Managed Package or the Lightning Web Component. The basic structure is provided in the example included and can be modified to fit your needs.

Note: make sure to enter the GRAX tokens per the instructions

Optional Features

The sample code provided for this page includes links to open the related record in Salesforce, if it's still in Salesforce, or to open it in the GRAX user interface, or open in the custom embedded GRAX VF (Apex) page. Each of these can be removed to achieve your desired user experience.

Salesforce Classic Account Details page showing the GRAX embedded related opportunity list

Add to Page Layout

  1. Open a parent record (Account, in this example), click on the Edit Layout link to the upper right of the page.

    Salesforce Classic Account Details page

  2. Add a blank section to the page.

    Salesforce Classic Account page layout with a new blank section added

  3. Drag the appropriate Visualforce Page into the new section you added in the last step (GRAXEmbedDisplayOppList in this example). Be sure to save you changes to the page layout.

    Salesforce Classic Account page layout with the GRAXEmbedDisplayOppList Visualforce page in the new blank section

Edit the VF page

The VF page can be edited by developers as part of the SDLC or by Salesforce admins through the Salesforce setup Visualforce Pages. The sample provided is named GRAXEmbedDisplayOppList.

Image showing the Visualforce page name and shortcuts for the GRAXEmbedDisplayOppList page

This sample code can also be copied to create new VF pages displaying other related objects. Make sure to change the object and fields being displayed in the code to reflect the appropriate object.