Cloud Networking FAQ

Common questions related to networking for cloud resources

What is mydomain.secure.grax.io?

GRAX Platform and GRAX Cloud deployments are accessible on a subdomain of secure.grax.io, under which GRAX manages SSL certificates, forwarding traffic to the correct resources, availability monitoring, etc.

Behind the scenes secure.grax.io uses the ngrok service provider to forward Internet traffic to resources deployed on AWS, Azure, Docker, and beyond.

Non-standard deployments also default to secure.grax.io but offer the option to bring your own domain / SSL certificate / load balancer.

Can I perform a penetration test of GRAX?

Please contact GRAX Support with details of your testing processes and schedule to get approval for any penetration testing.

GRAX periodically conducts its own penetration tests and other security audits and can share the results with customers. Please contact GRAX Support to request these security reports.

Our cloud service providers also publish their own security reports and penetration testing guidance: