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Common questions related to Salesforce features or capabilities

Does GRAX use Salesforce Platform Events? No

Salesforce Platform Events don't support all objects needed by GRAX and Event Allocations are VERY limiting (when backing up ALL objects). Currently, GRAX Auto Backup captures Salesforce objects, Binary Files (Attachment, Content, Chatter Files, etc), and Salesforce system-tables. Data and binary files MUST be captured at the same rate/time or you risk damaging referential integrity or completeness of data. To fulfill our customers backup needs Salesforce Platform Events aren't an option due to incomplete object support. If you have questions please reach out to the GRAX team.

Does GRAX support Salesforce Private Connect? Yes

Salesforce Private Connect routes SFDC traffic via Salesforce-managed public cloud VPCs instead of letting egress traffic cross the public internet. This is a network-layer configuration; if configured correctly, the GRAX app won't be able to tell the difference between a public or private connection. GRAX isn't responsible for configuring or maintaining Private Connect. Private Connect requires additional Salesforce licensing. Private Connect is only available for non-standard GRAX deployments.

Does GRAX support Salesforce Hyperforce? Yes

Salesforce Hyperforce is a new architecture that allows customers to run Salesforce applications on public cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure. Hyperforce was announced by Salesforce in December 2020 as part of its Dreamforce event.

The Hyperforce API is the same as the Salesforce API. From a developer's perspective, this means that you can continue to use the Salesforce API to build and customize your applications, and the API remains the same regardless of whether you are running your Salesforce applications on Hyperforce or on Salesforce's own infrastructure.

Therefore GRAX works with Hyperforce deployments with no changes.

If you do use:

  • Hyperforce
  • GRAX LWC in Apex (non-iframe) mode
  • Non-standard GRAX deployment

your AWS deployment has a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which may block the LWC API requests coming from your Hyperforce Apex servers.

In this case, Salesforce publishes a list of Hyperforce external IPs, and you can add the right IP range for your Hyperforce region to the ClientSideIPSet CloudFormation Parameter.

This configuration is uncommon, and a simpler solution is to use the GRAX LWC in IFrame mode.

Does GRAX support Enhanced Domains? Yes

Enhanced domains meet the latest browser requirements and are now being used in all Salesforce orgs. As long as you're using OAuth to login to your Salesforce environments, the Enhanced Domain Enforcement impact to GRAX is minimal. After making the domain change, you'll need to take the following steps:

  • Login to your SFDC environment
  • In a separate tab navigate directly to your web app URL and append /web to the end and select Sign-in with Salesforce or Connect with Auto Config - if you don't know this URL, you can also navigate to the web app by clicking on the 'Schedule' tab within the GRAX managed package
  • Click on the Allow button on the Allow Access pop up window if it appears (there are some orgs that do not require this step)

These steps should give you access back to GRAX. Once you have access, double check the Salesforce connection within GRAX (in the 'Settings' section) and that the Integration User is connected to confirm the change.

Can GRAX be used with Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption? Yes

Salesforce.com's Shield Platform Encryption should not impact your ability to use GRAX, as GRAX is designed to work seamlessly with Salesforce's native encryption.

Salesforce provides various encryption options for data at rest and in transit, such as Shield Platform Encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). These encryption options are designed to protect data from unauthorized access and breaches, but they do not affect the functionality of third-party applications like GRAX. You can encrypt certain fields on standard and custom objects, data in Chatter, and search index files. With some exceptions, encrypted fields work normally throughout the Salesforce user interface, business processes, and APIs.

GRAX operates through the Salesforce API, which allows it to access data regardless of whether it is encrypted or not. GRAX creates backups of your data, and these backups are stored in a separate, encrypted data store. When you need to restore data, GRAX decrypts the backup and restores it to Salesforce.

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