Global Search

Use Global Search to search large data sets from GRAX. Simply navigate to the Global Search section within the GRAX Application and enter the criteria to find the data you are looking for. The data is viewable, available for download, or interactable with GRAX features such as Archive and Restore.

Please note that Global Search results will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity.


Global Search allows indexes to be configured to speed up future searches that use field filters. The "Indexes" menu can be opened from the "Global Search" page. Indexes are specific to the field and object pair chosen for each.

Indexes are created and maintained in the background and can be reordered to prioritize the most important fields. On the "Indexes" list, drag rows around to put the highest priority indexes at the top. Once an index is created, it will be automatically used whenever possible in all future searches.

Downloading Results

After a search is complete, you can download the results in CSV format. When choosing to download Search results, users are prompted to select which version of the results they'd like to download. The options are:

  • Visible Fields: The CSV will only include the fields that are visible on the Search results page. This is subset of fields that contains Id, Name, and several audit/timestamp fields under most conditions.
  • All Fields: All fields from the records are included in the download.

Search results may take a few minutes to download, depending on the number of records and fields included.


Large Result Sets

If your search results exceed a size that's easily workable in common tools like Excel or Google Sheets, try a more powerful tool like SQLite. See the SQLite Guide for more information.