GRAX Cloud Deployment Guide

What is a GRAX Cloud Deployment?

For organizations that aren’t comfortable setting up or maintaining their own cloud environment, GRAX offers a hosted option. With this deployment method, GRAX hosts the cloud environment and manages the GRAX Application for the user. Even though GRAX manages the cloud environment and GRAX Application, customers always own their data - we never hold your data hostage.


Periodic GRAX initiated infrastructure maintenance is required in order to continue to provide the best user experience. Notices regarding scheduled maintenance will be sent to frequent Case contacts via email from our Support team. If your organization requires extensive Change Management procedures with regard to GRAX updates, another deployment model may better suit your needs.

How do I create a GRAX Cloud Deployment?

Initial Deployment

For GRAX Cloud Deployment models, GRAX takes the following actions:

  • We will create a team in the GRAX Platform and invite you to the team via your email address
  • We will create a new connection and GRAX deployment

Once GRAX has completed the steps above, you'll need to take the following steps:

  • Accept the GRAX Platform Invitation and sign-up for an Account or login with existing GRAX Platform credentials if you've previously accessed the GRAX Platform

Subsequent Deployments

  • Login to the GRAX Platform
  • Navigate to the GRAX Platform Team that you want to create a deployment for via the dropdown menu in the lower left corner
  • Click the Deployments tab on the left side
  • Click New Deployment
  • Choose the appropriate cloud provider (AWS, Azure, etc.) and click Create Deployment
  • Select the appropriate Region, Compute Instance Size and Database Instance Size (only applicable for Azure deployments) from the dropdown menus.



The default Compute Instance Size and Database Instance Size are sufficient for the vast majority of our customers

  • Click Deploy
  • Wait ~15 minutes for the deployment to complete
  • Click Open to the right of the deployment name you want to access
  • Click Connect with Auto Config and follow the prompts to connect your Salesforce org and storage account
  • If your organization utilizes the SFDC GRAX Managed Package, you'll need to ensure that the application URL and API tokens within the managed package match the application URL and API Tokens within the webapp by following the steps here