GRAX 23.7.1 Release Notes


Added (Application)

Max Child Level in Restore

There is a new option to set the max child level in Restore.

Allow Saving Default Settings

There is a new option to save settings for Seeding and Restore such as whether you receive email notifications on the job and the maximum level of children to include in the hierarchy.

Custom Time Zone Support

There is a new feature that allows you to set a custom time zone instead of using the default time zone used by the browser. This can used to display the time zone of your Salesforce org.

Lookup by ID in Header

Lookup by ID has moved from the Search menu page to a new permanent location in the header.

Allow History Object Backup

There is a new option to back up History objects. Contact our GRAX Sales to enable this capability.

Seeding Archived or Deleted Records

Seeding now has the option to include archived or deleted records in a seed.

Improved (Application)

Salesforce Errors

Records are now tagged with Salesforce Error: if that error came from Salesforce. These errors are outside of GRAX's control and will require your intervention to resolve.

Status in Record Details

Record status is now displayed in the record detail view. The delete source and delete time are now rendered in the CSV download of Global Search results.

Global Search Record Limits

There is a new record limit in Global Search. This allows you to locate a specific number of records more quickly or control the size of a Seeding data set. If a limit is used, it will be displayed in the details of the search job.

Global Search Actions

Search actions are now always shown in Global Search results. Those actions that are unavailable for the search results will be grayed out.

New Auto Archive Options

There is a new option to skip records and define relationships in Auto Archive.

Seeding Target Org Persistence

Seeding now remembers the target orgs where you have previously seeded data. There is a management pane that allows you to add or remove target orgs.

Undo Seed Warning

There is a new warning to undo a given seed before seeding again to prevent duplicated data.


Added (Platform)

AWS Marketplace Deploy

There is a new option to get a registration key to use to deploy GRAX through the AWS Marketplace

AWS Advanced Options

There are new options to set an IAM role for S3 bucket access.

Azure Options

There are new options to deploy Azure to Canada, and to scale the VM and database size.