Managed Package

The GRAX application is hosted outside of the Salesforce platform. We provide our customers with multiple ways to integrate GRAX with Salesforce to best fit their needs. This Quick Start Guide walks you through connecting GRAX to Salesforce using Salesforce AppExchange managed packages.


  1. An instance of the GRAX application connected to a storage bucket running on cloud infrastructure

    Need help getting set up?

    Contact Support or the Trial Team for assistance.

  2. A Salesforce account

    • You can use your existing Salesforce account or register here for a Salesforce Developer Edition account.
      Salesforce Developer Edition Sign Up
      • Check your inbox for an email verification request from Salesforce. Click "Verify Account" and change your password as instructed

Install GRAX into Salesforce using AppExchange

Enable Required Permissions

Assign the User Permission Sets

  • In Salesforce, navigate to: Users -> Users
  • Click on the name / username of your account
    User Permissions 1
  • Scroll down
    User Permissions 2
  • Click "Edit Assignments"
    User Permissions 3
  • Select the Permission Sets “GRAX Admin”, “GRAX Configuration Admin”, and “GRAX INTEGRATION USER Permission. Then click "Add"
    User Permissions 4
  • Click "Save"
    User Permissions 5

Enable OAuth

  • Open a browser and enter the URL of your GRAX instance + "/web"
  • Select your environment type (for existing Salesforce users this is typically "Sandbox," while for Developer Edition instances, choose "Production").
  • Then click "Establish OAuth Connection to Salesforce"
    OAuth 1
  • Enter your Salesforce username and password and log in
    OAuth 2
  • Click "Allow"
    OAuth 3
    OAuth 4
  • Click "Sign-in with Salesforce"
    OAuth 5
  • Click "Allow"
    OAuth 6
  • You should arrive at the main page of the GRAX application if successful:
    OAuth 7

Enter API Tokens from GRAX in Salesforce

  • Launch GRAX App in Salesforce from the App Launcher icon
    API Tokens 1
  • Scroll down and click "Reveal" to show the API token information in GRAX
    API Tokens 2
  • Copy and Paste the API Token info from the GRAX in Salesforce and click "Save"
    API Tokens 3

Configure Remote Site Setting

  • Click "Add Remote Site Setting"
    Remote Site 1
  • The necessary information auto-populates. Click "Save"
    Remote Site 2

Configure CSP Trusted Sites

  • Copy your GRAX app URL
    CSP Trusted Site 1
  • Using QuickFind in Salesforce, enter "CSP" and click "CSP Trusted Sites"
  • Paste the URL in the Trusted Site URL box and enter "GRAX" as the Trusted Site Name
    CSP Trusted Site 2
    CSP Trusted Site 3

Enable Auto Backup

  • Click the drop-down and select "Backup Objects and Files"
    Enable Auto Backup

You are all set. Your first auto backup is now running and backfilling.