GRAX 23.5.1 Release Notes


Auto-fix for Salesforce permissions

GRAX can now update field permission in Salesforce from within the App without the need to run Apex code in the debug terminal

Undo Seed, Seed Again buttons

"Undo Seed" for Sandbox Seeding allows users to seed data to a sandbox, develop features or run tests, and then remove the data from the org. Next to Undo is the button to "Seed Again" to put a fresh copy of the data back into the sandbox to replay those tests.


Performance improvements for Global Search

Global Search should return faster with performance improvements

Performance improvements for History Stream

History Stream should be approximately 2x faster due to improvements to performance and concurrency

Redesigned Archive / seed / restore workflows

Activity workflows are improved and reorganized to guide a user through building an archive, restore, or seeding job

Improvements to email thread viewing in the LWC

UI improvements including using a "dense" style for email list and rendering the list collapsed if there are two or more emails