Nonstandard Deployment Guides

How do I create a Nonstandard Deployment?

  1. Open an Support Case to start your 60 days of Custom Template Support. GRAX starts a project to track setting up your team and deployments in the GRAX Platform, and customizing your cloud templates.
  2. Sign up to GRAX Platform
  3. Create teams to manage deployments. We recommend two teams to separate cloud accounts, deployments and team member access to resources:
    • MyCorp UAT
    • MyCorp Prod
  4. Switch to the proper team, then browse to New Custom Deployment and click Create Deployment Key
  5. Pass this key as a GRAX_REGISTRATION_KEY environment variable to your GRAX service configuration
  6. Browse to Deployments, verify your deployment is Active, then click Open
  7. Click Connect with Auto Configuration and log into your Salesforce Sandbox or Production instance