GRAX sends email notifications to keep you and your team aware of changes and insights about your data. These consist of:

  • Data activities around search, archive, restore, and seeding
  • User management around password changes
  • Problems around Salesforce OAuth connection
  • Periodic summaries around backup, archive and history stream usage

App Notifications

GRAX sends real-time notifications for important events that happen in the app.

App Admins

The app requires one or more valid admin emails to contact about critical problems like OAuth connection issues. To set these go to the settings and update "GRAX Admin Email Address" with a list of admins.

Notification Feed

In the App, click the user icon in the upper right, then "Notifications" to see a feed of all your notifications.

Periodic Notifications

GRAX also sends occasional updates like a monthly data summary, monthly newsletter, product announcements and usage surveys.

To unsubscribe from these notifications, use the unsubscribe link in the email footer.