GRAX November 2023 Release Notes


Added (Application)

  • Option to remove limit on daily Archive activities. Contact GRAX Support to enable.
  • Auto Backup dashboard improvements
  • Object page with summary of Auto Backup status, record count, and record size.
  • Option to pick UTC as the time zone in account menu
  • Quick search supports object names
  • Link from archived record to Archive activity
  • GRAX_Console_Purge_User permission set
  • Show Purge action again if record was updated from data masking
  • Auto Backup Health API
  • Auto Config assigns GRAX Console permission to the GRAX Connected App
  • Improve error message formatting and highlighting
  • Search results page preserves fields for sharing and embedding
  • Search results offers button for new Global Search with same search options
  • Allow users to exclude/include GRAX system fields in Global Search Results
  • Persist selected fields when starting a new Global Search

Fixed (Application)

  • Disable bucket configuration changes when backup data exists
  • Fix link from activity Salesforce error to docs
  • Fix link to download all record data

Removed (Application)

  • Removed Delete Forever on search results in favor of using Purge tooling


Added (Platform)

  • Automatically generate secure admin password if enabled
  • Security improvements for cookies and sessions