GRAX October 2023 Release Notes


Added (Application)

  • Add icon to indicate how to expand sidebar menu
  • Indicate ListView and other configuration objects as unsupported for restores
  • Archive, Restore, and Seeding now support object list and graph views
  • Option to include required parents in restores
  • Search filter, status, progress, and display improvements
  • Add field filters for purge
  • Automatically sync records before restore
  • Search field filters now support AND and OR
  • Global Search URL query parameters
  • Indicate purged records in History Stream output
  • Auto Config automatically fixes missing field level security issues
  • Seeding, Archive, and Restore reliability improvements across application restarts

Fixed (Application)

  • Enable Global Search on decommissioned orgs
  • HTTP security header improvements
  • Make search icon in "Lookup ID" header search clickable
  • Automatically skip IsWhat when restoring EventRelation
  • Disable bucket configuration changes when backup data exists
  • Increases per-environment limit for records per purge job to 1000

Removed (Application)

  • Delete inactive indexed search data as part of indexed search retirement


Added (Platform)

  • Prompt for company details on sign-up
  • Add S3 bucket assume role options

Fixed (Platform)

  • Improve performance of deployments list