Salesforce Data Backup, Archive, and Restore

GRAX is the leading provider of Salesforce data protection that helps businesses adapt faster by protecting their data and its value throughout its entire lifecycle from Salesforce data backup, archival, and reuse. With GRAX, customers can fully capture, own, access, manage, and reuse all of their Salesforce app data by simply backing it up or archiving it to their own cloud environment (AWS, Azure, GCP, and many others).

With GRAX, customers can:

  • Own & access their backed up and archived data 24/7
  • Capture record changes and restore to a specific Point-in-Time
  • Reuse their Salesforce data easily for analytics, AI/ML, data warehousing, & more

The GRAX Platform facilitates quick deployment of pre-built and tested infrastructure stacks across public cloud providers for running GRAX. These deployments are fully managed by GRAX via cross-account access policies.

With the GRAX Platform, customers can:

  • Deploy GRAX to any cloud account in minutes
  • Scale their GRAX environment up and down easily
  • Let GRAX handle upgrades, migrations, and updates

GRAX Products

Our products are designed to help our customers protect their Salesforce data, manage the data through its lifecycle, and turn that same dataset into value faster. The GRAX product suite is comprised of four core products:

  • Backup and Restore: Backup and recover data for business continuity
  • Data Archive: Reduce Salesforce storage costs & improve Salesforce performance without losing access to production data
  • Time Machine: Navigate changes in your cloud app data over time
  • History Stream: Optimize & grow your business by making Salesforce data available for reuse anywhere via Parquet
  • Sandbox Seeding: Accelerate your development and testing environments by securely copying and anonymizing production data into sandboxes

GRAX products are compatible with:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Platform


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GRAX Deployments

GRAX offers GRAX Cloud, GRAX-managed, and self-managed deployments. Please refer to the following table to compare available options to find the best deployment solution for your business needs.

GRAX-ManagedSelf-ManagedGRAX Cloud
Environment Hosting and ManagementCustomer-hostedCustomer-hostedGRAX-hosted
GRAX Application ManagementGRAX-managedCustomer-managedGRAX-managed
GRAX Application UpdatesGRAX-managed via Auto UpdatesGRAX-managed via Auto UpdatesGRAX-managed via Auto Updates
Data OwnershipCustomer-ownedCustomer-ownedCustomer-owned
Supported EnvironmentsAWS or AzureAWS, Azure, GCP, on-prem, Kubernetes, and othersAWS or Azure
Security UpdatesAutomated by GRAXManual by CustomerAutomated by GRAX
Deployment VehiclesDeploy via Marketplace or GRAX Platform using certified templatesDeploy via GRAX Binary using reference templatesDeploy via GRAX Platform
Data StorageUnlimitedUnlimited5TB [1]
Estimated Deployment Time~10 minutes~60 days~10 minutes
Required ResourcesSalesforce organization with System Administrator access, Dedicated AWS or Azure Account with AWS Cross Account Role or Static Azure CredentialsSalesforce organization with System Administrator access and a Cloud Team, Architecture and Security ReviewSalesforce organization with System Administrator access
Applicable PlansGRAX Lite, GRAX Pro, or GRAX EnterpriseGRAX Enterprise with self-managed deploymentGRAX Cloud Plan with GRAX Cloud Infrastructure + 5TB Data Storage
Standard GRAX Application Supportβœ”βœ”βœ”

Organizations which choose to use self-managed deployments of GRAX are 100% responsible for design, deployment, and maintenance of their GRAX infrastructure. GRAX technical requirements and reference architecture are available to assist with the design process. Organizations are responsible for ensuring that their self-managed infrastructure meets the minimum requirements for GRAX to operate effectively. Minimum requirements to operate the GRAX product and utilization of underlying infrastructure resources are subject to change.

Self-managed deployments include:

  • 60 days of email deployment assistance with:
    • GRAX Application, logs, and telemetry set up
    • GRAX Binary troubleshooting using GRAX Logs
    • High-level architecture guidance in relation to reference architecture and minimum requirements
  • Choose and manage your own customer-owned infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, on-prem, anywhere you’d like to run GRAX)
  • Customer-managed GRAX Application
  • External or GRAX access to infrastructure not required
  • Ability to self-customize VPC, AMI, OS, system agents, and/or firewall
  • Deployment registration with the GRAX Platform

Self-managed deployments do NOT include:

  • Construction, management, and ongoing operating costs of all infrastructure
  • Assistance with network failures, domain registration lapses, storage capacity issues, component failures, and improper configuration of the compute resources, which prevent software operation
  • Any deviations from the 60-day implementation period

We recommend that you work with your internal cloud infrastructure team, cloud vendor support or TAM, or with GRAX System Integrator and/or Enterprise Support partners if you require assistance with any customizations that are not included.

Getting Support

GRAX's award-winning support team is available by email and phone. For more information about our support team and process, see here. See here for guidance on contacting support. Standard support is available 9 AM - 5 PM EST Monday through Friday (excluding major US holidays).