Sandbox Refresh

As your organization refreshes sandbox environments in Salesforce, this impacts any connected GRAX applications. However, preventing related issues, and getting GRAX up and running again on the new environment, is fairly easy.

Why would a Sandbox get refreshed?

  • To bring down a clean copy of the production environment to allow you to start the next project/test with a fresh and updated environment
  • To start a new sandbox due to expiration of previous sandbox
  • May be required as part of a software development cycle



Please note that your sandbox will have a new org ID after the refresh.

GRAX Sandbox Deployment Policy

Like Salesforce, GRAX monitors sandbox deployments for activity and automatically deletes deployments after a period of 180 days of inactivity. This improves security by cleaning up data, and cost by turning off unused servers. At any time you can deploy a new sandbox backend via GRAX Platform or by contacting GRAX support.

Pre-refresh Considerations

Before the refresh, ensure that the Admin Email Address is set to a valid email address within the Settings section of the GRAX webapp. When the old sandbox becomes unavailable, the GRAX app sends a self-service email to that address with a link allowing you to connect the app to a new org. Follow that link and login with the new sandbox's credentials.

Post-refresh Reconfiguration

GRAX Application Reconfiguration

  • Login to your sandbox in SFDC as the GRAX Integration User with System Admin profile
  • Click on the link in the notification email and select Connect with Auto Config, or navigate directly to the webapp URL in a separate tab
  • Follow the prompts to reconnect the SFDC org to the GRAX app and restart Auto Backup
  • Navigate to Settings within the GRAX app and expand the Salesforce section to confirm that the you are connected to the correct SFDC org with the correct Integration User. You will see a green dot followed by the word Connected if the connection is successful. If you need to modify the connection details, click Update to reset the connection

GRAX Managed Package Reconfiguration

The GRAX Managed Package is optional and not all customers use it. If your organization uses the Managed Package, follow the steps below:

  • Follow the GRAX Application Reconfiguration steps detailed above
  • Navigate to the GRAX tab within SFDC
  • Click Unlock in the bottom right corner of the page
  • Replace the webapp URL in the App URL field with the appropriate webapp URL
  • In a separate tab, open the GRAX webapp and navigate to Settings > GRAX API Tokens. Copy and paste the API tokens from the webapp into the respective fields in the GRAX tab within SFDC
  • Click Save
  • Click on the Remote Site Setting menu and create a Remote Site Setting if prompted
  • Click Save
  • You may see a banner at the top of the page prompting you to add your URL to Trusted URLs list
  • You can now navigate to the webapp directly from SFDC via the Schedule and Search tabs