GRAX 23.9.1 Release Notes


Added (Application)

Advanced Archive Queries

Archive now supports more complex SOQL queries. This new capability is located in Archive source selection under the Query WHERE tab and gives you the option to query a reference field instead of only the object ID. For example, if you have a custom object that contains Case IDs to archive, you can setup an archive query such as SELECT CaseId FROM CasesToArchive__c WHERE ... GROUP BY CaseId.

Salesforce Errors

Salesforce Errors will now include links to the GRAX documentation site with suggestions on how to resolve them. This feature is available in Sandbox Seeding and Restore.

GRAX Purge

GRAX has introduced a new Data Lifecycle Policy feature called Purge that allows for the permanent deletion of records from the GRAX Data Vault. To Purge data, the records must first be deleted in Salesforce or Archived by GRAX. This feature supports the input of a list of record IDs or allows for a search for records that have not been modified in more than X days based on SystemModstamp. Purged records will be removed from the GRAX Data Vault and will no longer be available for restore.

Global Search for Purged Records

Global Search now allows you to search for records that have been Purged (permanently deleted). To search for Purged records, select any Status other than "Live" and add a date filter configured with "Order By: Purged At" and select an appropriate time frame. The Purged records returned by Global Search will not contain any field data other than RecordID. The CSV download of Global Search results will now contain a purgedAt date column.

Improved (Application)

Global Search Modify Record Buttons

The modify record action buttons in Global Search are now grouped in the UI and are part of a more intuitive guided workflow.

Overrides Field Picker

The overrides field picker in Restore and Sandbox Seeding now supports autocomplete functionality which makes it easier to navigate when there are a lot of fields to select from.

Autocomplete for Object and Fields

Autocomplete for object and fields now can match against either the record label or API name. This improvement can be found in several places within the app including in the record detail page when you click filter in the Fields section, in Point-In-Time-Restore when you pick fields to restore, when selecting an object to archive from SOQL, and when picking fields to override in Restore.