This reference document serves a glossary that outlines the specific terms, phrases, and jargon used for GRAX.

What is GRAX?

GRAX is a Data Lifecycle Management solution that’s designed for protecting SaaS application data - like Salesforce data - throughout its entire lifecycle:

  • From backup, recovery, and storage
  • To seeding and data reuse for analytics and AI/ML
  • To data archival and deletion

How can GRAX be deployed?

GRAX was purpose-built for Salesforce users to take back 100% ownership and control of their CRM data. Users can easily deploy the GRAX application via the GRAX Platform with a few clicks into a customer-owned [1] Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), on-prem, or local [2] environment. Only then can Salesforce users maintain their entire Digital Chain of Custody.

What is a 'Digital Chain of Custody'?

All of your data is contained within your customer-owned cloud resources - both storage and runtime. That’s what we mean when we say BYOI (Bring Your Own Infrastructure) - none of it ever leaves your environment. This drastically improves compliance, governance, and security posture.

What is GRAX High Trust?

GRAX High Trust is the best way to support compliance regulations (such as HIPAA with BAA, FINRA, FedRamp, and others) with immutable object storage that prevents any changes to Salesforce data objects once they are written to the customer-owned storage.

This is an optional GRAX Enterprise add-on for Salesforce customers in highly compliant industries like healthcare, finance, and government where data integrity and compliance are essential. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

What is the difference between Standard Template Support vs Custom Template?

Both template support options provide customers with 100% data ownership. The primary difference between the two templates are:

  • Standard Template uses our AWS or Azure Template for deployment without any modifications or customizations. This option is easily deployed via AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace. The Standard Template also requires GRAX Admin and AWS Cross Organization Trust.
  • Custom Template is required when the AWS or Azure Template needs customization for anything like:
    • Firewall rules
    • VPC
    • NLB/ALB
    • Private routing
    • Custom software installation
    • Infrastructure log control

What’s included in the Custom Template Support?

This custom option includes:

  • 60 days advanced technical support deployment assistance with custom template review and advising
  • 1-year advanced technical support with GRAX Engineering

Which template support offerings are included in the GRAX Plans?

Users can deploy the GRAX Application with the Standard Template on any of our plans. However, Custom Template is only available as an add-on for GRAX Pro and GRAX Enterprise packages. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

GRAX LiteGRAX ProGRAX Enterprise
Standard Template
Custom Template$$

What is the GRAX Application and the GRAX Platform? And how are they different?

At the simplest level, the GRAX Application houses multiple products while the GRAX Platform houses and manages every single GRAX Application deployed.

What is the GRAX Platform?

The GRAX Platform serves as a singular pane for unified multi-org data management. WIth 24/7 access, the platform centralizes, administers, and manages a user's Salesforce production and sandbox environments.

What is the GRAX Application?

The GRAX Application can be connected to any Salesforce org whether it’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or any of the Industry Clouds [3]. Each Salesforce org has its own GRAX Application. The application itself houses all products as dictated by your plan.

What products does GRAX have?

GRAX has five core products that comprise the data lifecycle management solution:

What is GRAX Backup and Restore?

The GRAX Backup and Restore product is built to capture, recover, and provide 24/7 access to your Salesforce application data. This foundational product includes the following features:

  • Auto Backup: Captures Salesforce data and files automatically at an hourly interval (Recovery Point Objective - RPO)
  • Metadata Backup: Captures Salesforce metadata at a minimum of a daily frequency but can be set up to hourly
  • GRAX Single Record Restore: Recovers one Salesforce record via the GRAX application
  • GRAX Recovery: High-performance point in time mass hierarchical recovery (Recovery Time Objective - RTO)
  • Delete Tracking: Track records that have been deleted through the Salesforce UI, ETL, etc.

Which Backup and Restore product features are included in the GRAX Plans?

Backup and Restore are foundational to GRAX; both are required to run other products such as GRAX Data Archive & Lifecycle Management. There are also varying levels of support and sandboxes available with each of these plans. Please see our pricing page for additional plan information.

GRAX LiteGRAX ProGRAX Enterprise
Auto Backup
Metadata Backup
GRAX Single Record Restore
GRAX Recovery
Delete Tracking

What is the GRAX Time Machine?

GRAX Time Machine provides Salesforce customers the ability to navigate through their CRM data changes over time all within their Salesforce application using Lightning Web Components (LWC) or Visualforce. The features available are:

  • Single Record Restore LWC: Compare and select individual data values, or all different values, to restore from the backup to the live value of the record inside the Salesforce UI
  • Embedded GRAX UI in Salesforce: Access GRAX Application functionality without ever leaving the Salesforce interface
  • Embedded LWC Data Viewer: View backed up and archived data as related list components inside the Salesforce interface - even when data doesn't exist in Salesforce anymore

Which GRAX Time Machine product features are included in the GRAX Plans?

The entire suite of GRAX Time Machine features are included as part of the GRAX Enterprise Package.

What is GRAX Data Archive & Lifecycle Management?

GRAX Data Archive helps cut Salesforce application storage costs while improving app performance by archiving data out of Salesforce without losing access to archived data in the Salesforce interface. This product includes the following features:

  • Auto Archive: Precisely target and automate archive jobs with rolling dates
  • Data Lifecycle Management [4]: Set and maintain your data lifecycle policy and data retention policy

Which GRAX Data Archive & Lifecycle Management product features are included in the GRAX Plans?

This product with all its features is available as an add-on to your Backup and Restore solution - GRAX Pro or GRAX Enterprise.

What is GRAX History Stream™?

GRAX History Stream makes all of your Salesforce data (backed up and archived datasets) available for downstream consumption - analytics, AI/ML, data warehousing, and other use cases. Users can easily reuse their CRM data anywhere Parquet format is supported, such as:

  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS SageMaker
  • AWS QuickSight
  • Google Big Query
  • Snowflake
  • Many others

Which GRAX History Stream product features are included in the GRAX Plans?

This product is available as an add-on to your Backup and Restore solution - GRAX Pro or GRAX Enterprise.

What is Sandbox Seeding?

GRAX Sandbox Seeding for Salesforce empowers DevOps users to easily tap their Salesforce datasets for realistic testing by propagating CRM data into sandbox or production orgs. Easily seed data without worrying about automation and triggers by simply disabling them during the process. Users can also choose to anonymize their sensitive datasets as well to remain compliant.

Which Sandbox Seeding product features are included in the GRAX Plans?

This product is available as an add-on to your Backup and Restore solution - GRAX Pro or GRAX Enterprise.

How are Standard Support and Premium Support different?

GRAX offers two types of our award-winning support, which includes:

  • Standard Support
    • Support available 9x5 EST M-F
    • Email support
    • Standard support queue
    • Access to documentation
  • Premium Support
    • Support available 24x7x365
    • Email & phone support
    • Priority support queue
    • Access to documentation

What type of support is included in the GRAX Plans?

There are various levels of support available with the GRAX Plans with the ability to add-on Premium Support for GRAX Pro and GRAX Enterprise.

GRAX LiteGRAX ProGRAX Enterprise
Access to support documentation
Standard Support via Email (9x5)
Standard Support via Phone (9x5)
Premium Support (24/7/365)$$

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Visit our pricing page to learn more about the GRAX Plans. If you have additional questions, please contact us for support.

[1] GRAX can also be deployed onto a hosted GRAX Cloud environment. Please contact us for more information.

[2] Deploy locally using Docker. Learn more here.

[3] Marketing Cloud is not currently supported.

[4] Coming soon - follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know.